Welcome to Songvista.eu, the lyrics search engine

You might know the situation: there are thousands of great songs in your mind you would like to sing, but you cannot remember the lyrics right. This website will help you to find the song lyrics. Just type in the title and/or artist in the field to the left and click search. Within seconds you'll find the song lyrics you were looking for.

Nothing in particular, there are a lot of these websites! You're right in thinking that.
But exactly that is the problem. Not every lyrics site can offer such a big selection of lyrics as we do - even if it is one of the best. Normally you have to search further and further through websites. That takes time and can be very annoying. The advantage here: Songvista searches many different websites at the same time. This almost assures to find the desired texts within seconds.

But this search engine can do a lot more:
You will also find translations of songs to different languages. This might help for understanding. Even chords and tabs can be found as well. This is useful, if you want to play the song on a guitar for example. Songvista also provides a full-text search, if you can't remember the right title or artist, but a piece of text.

Under the item websites you'll find a little overview of music sites with and some information which are what they offer, the available languages, the amount of advertisement and if you need a register obligatorily or not.


Outdated interfaces have been updated. In addition, some websites had to be removed due to abandonment or bugs in their API. Further updates will come in the near future.